january 2016 - The last couple of months I have been experimenting with the Pebble Time smartwatch in combincation with Windows Phone. The result is Pebble Time Manager for Windows Phone 8.1 en Windows 10 mobile. The app can be found in the Windows Store. More information about the app can be found on this website; including beta versions you can install on a develop unlocked phone.

april 2015 - I got some work done one new features in Copying Machine. Most import is PDF 1/A support as the default PDF format. But also additions to the user interface are noteworthy; brightness, contrast and the use of a document feeder are more easily accessible from the copy pane.

september 2014 - An update for the website that was long overdue. I added a new small update of Copying Machine. Mainly bug fixes in combination with Windows 7 and 8. With this update I also removed the old version from the site. That version was compatible with Windows 9x/ME/XP, the versions of Windows nobody should use any more.

november 2012 - Time for a little update on the website. I haven´t been able to put an update of Copying Machine online for some time now. But I just added the source code of an experimental module for it, optical character recognition. Copying Machine uses the Tesseract engine at the moment. But one time I was trying to build my own; if you are interested see the source code section.

december 2011 - I have put a new beta online of Copying Machine 3. The update consists of a minor bug fix and I have added a german language option. The german translation isn't perfect yet, so please let me know if you find huge errors. You can find the new beta in the Copying Machine section.

october 2011 - I just published an update of the Copying Machine Beta. There was a small issue with TIFF files and the color schemes. Sometimes they had inverted colors. That is fixed!. The new beta can be downloaded from the Copying Machine section.

september 2011 - I have been experimenting with Android lately. It feels like back to the beginning. Making small applications quickly. I ported one of my old games (Janitor) to Android. It is on the Android market. Check it out!

december 2010 - Again a minor update of Copying Machine. There was a bug with saving files in tiff format when a page was pasted via the clipboard. That is now solved. Also acquiring additional pages works now more easily via the contextmenu in the page thumbnails list. The new beta can be downloaded from the Copying Machine section.

august 2010 - A very minor update of Copying Machine, there was a bug with saving document in BMP-format. That should be solved now! The new beta can be downloaded from the Copying Machine section.